Where to sell your fanpage. Marketplaces for 2016.

Here are the most current places where you could sell your fanpages. Their order is based on our recommendation, with the top position being the best.

1. FanPageCash.org

This is the oldest running company on the web that will purchase your fanpage. I say company because they’re one of the very few legally registered companies that buy / sell fanpages. They have been on the market since 2010!


  • The safest place to buy and sell fanpages.
  • They pay upfront, generally within a few hours.
  • Fair prices.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Five-year experience.
  • Featured in multiple e-books and on popular news sites.
  • A real company.
  • Stellar reputation.


  • They only purchase pages 100k and up.
  • They don’t like to purchase non-English fanpages.
  • Sometimes they’re slow to reply.

Check out http://FanPageCash.org for more info.


2. ViralAccounts.com

Apparently, this company is a FanPageCash.org spinoff, owned by the same staff members. They have expanded into other social platforms such as Instagram / Twitter / Vine / etc accounts.


  • While they’re new, they are owned by the most reputable website for buying / selling fanpages.
  • They pay upfront, same day payments.
  • Fair prices.
  • Friendly staff.
  • 1-year experience.
  • They purchase other accounts such as Instagram / Vine / Twitter / Youtube.
  • A real company.
  • Stellar reputation. (as seen on Youtube video reviews)


  • They only purchase pages 100k and up. (Other accounts have smaller limits)
  • They don’t like to purchase non-English fanpages / accounts.
  • Sometimes they’re slow to reply.
  • Frequent website downtime. (they’re getting attacked by competition quite frequently)

Check out http://ViralAccounts.com for more info.


3. FameSwap.com

A craigslist style buy/sell platform for fanpages (and a few other platforms)


  • Lots of properties for sale, quite an active marketplace.
  • Ease of use.
  • Confidential listings.
  • Set your own price.
  • Comfortable messaging system.


  • Privately owned.
  • No screening process. You’re essentially dealing with strangers.
  • It is monitored by Facebook. (they have admitted that in their blog)
  • Listings can take up to a few weeks/months to sell.
  • No moderation, beware of scammers.

Check out http://FameSwap.com for more info.


There are a few other we decided to take off the list such as:


This place is a demo site for a script that is being sold on a website for developers, it was never intended to be an active marketplace. Generally most fanpages sold there are fake / bot / S4S (share for share) / clickfarm generated properties.


Forum based website. Started off with a lot of potential, but admins stopped caring for it. Essentially the place is dead activity wise.


No longer operational.

Update 12.12.2016! We have a new contender!

There is a new website called BuySellAccounts.com, but since they’re quite new we don’t have any opinions yet. Initial research (word around the web) shows that the company is operational and trustworthy!


Please remember that there are also tons of facebook groups that buy/sell fanpages. Most of them are a cesspool of scammers waiting for a poor soul to become their next victim. Many times the group admins are scamming people, especially since their position allows them to look more credible. Generally, it is not a good idea to sell your fanpage on Facebook or any public forum. Facebook frowns upon accounts being sold, so they actively delete accounts that have been listed publicly. Deal privately with companies that respect your privacy.