7 key features of high-demand fan pages you can resell for huge profit!

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Make no mistake about it. Flipping fan pages can make you good money. The great thing about making money online is that you do not have to actively work for your money. It is not like a typical nine-to-five job where you have to physically show up, plant your butt in a chair, park your face in front of a computer, and hack away until eight hours have passed. You will beat that for fourteen days and then you get a paycheck. You keep repeating that for weeks, then months, then years, until you retire. Does it sound like much fun right?

Well, there is an alternative. You can make more money simply doing fun stuff like flipping fan pages. The concept is quite simple, buy low, sell high. Believe it or not, there are lots of online entrepreneurs earning more than a typical nine-to-five job while working far fewer hours.

You probably heard of the concept 4-hour workweek. You might have thought that it was some sort of fantasy or hype. Well, wonder no more. If you know what you are doing, you can make a full-time income working very few hours in the span of a month. Flipping Facebook fan pages is one of those activities.

How does this work? Well, you buy a fan page for a low price and you then find buyers for it that would pay you a multiple of the price that you paid. It is not unusual for people to buy a fan page for a hundred bucks and resell it for five hundred dollars or more. The best part to all of this is that it does not take much work or time if you know where to advertise and you know where to look to find sellers.

So, how can you tell which fan pages have a high level of demand? What are the seven key features you should look for? Here they are:

Feature 1: High-value niche

There is a reason why foreign exchange, legal services, weight loss, plastic surgery, payday loans and credit cards get a lot of advertisers. When you create a blog based on these topics, and your blog gets traffic, for every click you get on an ad, you stand to make quite a bit of money. In fact, foreign exchange ads routinely pay five dollars per click. Certain specialized legal services and medical procedures, as well as certain types of loans, pay per click as well. At the very least, they pay way more than the typical ten cents to twenty-five cents per click that you get with more generic niches. Accordingly, it makes a lot of sense for you to look for fan pages that specialize in certain high-value niches.

To make sure that you pick the right pages, do advance research on which niches pay really well. Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner is a good resource for this. Just type in some keywords related to the niches I listed above as well as niches that you uncover and you will see some keywords. You will find related niches as well. Pay attention to how much they pay on a cost per click basis. Once you get this information, then you should have a fairly clear picture of which niches to target as far as your fan page purchases go.

Feature 2: Professional graphics brand

High quality and high demand fan pages do not look like they were patched together by somebody who had nothing else better to do. When you look at the graphics of such pages, it is clear that a lot of thinking and preparation went into putting the page together. Look for expert covers. Look for a nice-looking avatar. These graphics must not just look good. They must be directly related to the niche the Facebook fan page specializes in.

Feature 3: Linked to a mailing list

This is seriously awesome. You know that you are looking at a premium fan page when the operator of their fan page has a working mailing list. You have to understand that the vast majority of people that go to a website or click on social media content will not come back to that same piece of content or page. That is a lot of wasted potential. A mailing list enables you to recycle that content. A certain percentage of people that go to your website may sign up for your mailing list if you show a pop-up or whenever there is an ad for your mailing list. Once you show them your form, a certain percentage of them would sign up.

This is one of the best things you could do because, when you send out an update to your mailing list, a certain percentage of them would click the link and end up on your website. Instead of people going to your website once only to vanish forever, through your mailing list, you are getting a way for them to come back to your site over and over again. Now of course, the more they come back to your site, the more chances you get of getting them to click on an ad or otherwise do something that will end up with you making a few more dollars. High quality and high demand fan pages are linked to a mailing list. They either use a free book or report to get people to sign up for their list, or they offer some sort of email-based course that people sign up for. To get targeted mailings, whatever the case may be, look for a mailing list

Feature 4: Brand-centered publishing

High demand fan pages understand the power of brands. That is why instead of just cranking out high-quality content scraped from other websites and other blogs, they actually post updates where they make references to themselves. They engage with their community. When fan pages do this, the self-referencing would produce an impression in the minds of people who like that page that they are not dealing with an ordinary page, instead, they are dealing with a brand. As a result over time, people would treat the fan page as a brand.

Here is an important secret: brands command a premium online.

It takes work to build a brand. If you are able to manage to build a fan page brand, you will be able to charge more money than a generic fan age that people often wonder why they liked in the first place.

Feature 5: High-user engagement

This is actually quite self-explanatory. When you look at the content being shared or hosted on the Facebook fan page that you are thinking of buying, look for how many likes, comments, and shares that piece of content gets. To do this in a statistically sound way, take the total number of engagement a particular post has and divide it by the total number of likes on that page. This should produce a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more engagement that page has and the more excited you should be in buying it.

Feature 6: Niche-targeted content

Now it is one thing for the page as a whole to target a niche. It is another when it is obvious that almost all its content stays on message. Believe it or not, there are lots of high-value niche fan pages out there that are actually general interest fan pages. For example, they give you the impression that they talk about the stock market and foreign exchange, but when you look at the actual posts only maybe 50 percent are on point while the other 50 percent talk about Donald Trump, Brexit, and other unrelated topics.

Be on the lookout for this. Make sure that the page as a whole has a high percentage of niche targeted content. Now, the higher the percentage, the more attractive it should be to you.

Feature 7: Existing distribution network “whitelist”

I think this is a little bit tricky. Basically, what you are going to do is you are going to take the niche of the of the fan page that you are thinking of buying, and you research Facebook groups that cater to those niches. You then join these open or closed groups and wait until you get approved. Once you are approved, you can access their content.

Look for content shared by the fan page you are buying. If you notice that a lot of these groups regularly feature shared content from the fan page, you have your eye on this means that the fan page has an existing distribution network. Best of all, it is on “whitelist”. This means that its content is so good or the operator behaves in such an ethical and professional way, that that they do not get banned from groups. These groups like the content so much or believe that the content is so authoritative and credible enough that they do not ban the operator when they post content from the fan page to the group. This is a very important indicator of value. If you see this quality you should seriously think of buying the fan page because it already has an existing distribution network. Of course, as many of the other features listed above should be present as well, but this is a big one.

Keep these seven features above in mind if you want to make the right call when it comes to buying Facebook fan pages. Make no mistake about it. They are not created equal. Some are more valuable than others. In fact, the vast majority of fan pages out there have very little value at all. You have to know what you are doing, otherwise, you are not going to make those fat profits.

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